About Us

J’Adore Rose Bear is a Canadian small business that specializes in rose bears, handmade paper flower boxes, and so much more! The meaning behind J’Adore  is a French word that translates to I love or I really like to express one’s enjoyment or delight about something.

Our mission is to pay it forward. Whomever you gift our handcrafted roses whether it be for yourself or to a beautiful person in your life, we hope you love it as much we did in crafting the roses together!

Our Story: It started during my darkest moment in my life that I turned to art, handcrafting and origami as a creative outlet to express myself. Without realizing, my love for roses bloom, bringing in so much joy and fulfilment. My love for constantly purchasing fresh flowers would wilt away after a few days and the next question got us thinking, what if we could make them last forever? Thus, J’Adore Rose Bear was born and we would love to share this experience and memorable gift with you as well!




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